Hospital Acquired COVID-19 Poses a Serious Risk to New Zealanders – Apr 23

Figures from the state of Victoria, Australia indicate that Hospital Acquired COVID-19 is frequent and may be up to 100 times more lethal. 

Hospital-acquired infections pose a serious challenge to healthcare professionals globally, impacting the quality of life of patients, as well as resulting in extra expenditure to our health system. 

It has been shown that COVID‑19 is more likely to transmit to unprotected patients while indoors nearby infected individuals. The highest infectiousness has been observed even before symptom onset. Given current ‘masking is encouraged’ policies it seems likely that the New Zealand situation isn’t any different to that in the state of Victoria.

Preventative and containment measures must be designed to allow safe visits to our hospitals. 

link to source, Melbourne Age, published March 31 2023

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