About the COVID-19 Safety Pledge NZ

The COVID-19 Safety Pledge NZ was set up by medical specialists active in the community in New Zealand taking inspiration from covidpledge.co.uk. The COVID-19 Safety Pledge is non-political, non-commercial and for the public good.

The COVID-19 Safety Pledge NZ (covidpledge.co.nz) initiative was launched to help and encourage businesses and organisations to protect their staff and customers from COVID-19 as well as other airborne illness.

We believe individually and collectively we can all play a role in combatting this virus. In adopting the Pledge you are helping this movement.

In USA, The White House supports a Clean Air in Buildings Pledge – available at whitehouse.gov/cleanindoorair/

“Unless we effectively suppress transmission there will be more COVID-19 virus infections that will take from us and damage the people we are responsible for and the people we care about.” (covidpledge.co.nz)

Protect yourself, others and your organisation. Please join us and take action to keep your whānau safe.

If you have advice for us or wish to make contact please use the contact form below.

Help Protect Yourself and Others

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