The Pledge

We do not ask for money. We ask for actions to PROTECT NZ PUBLIC AGAINST POTENTIALLY VERY SERIOUS LONG TERM CONSEQUENCES OF REPEATED SARS2 INFECTIONS This voluntary Pledge sets out actionable steps and best practice actions and policies for workplaces and other locations and organisations to suppress transmission. It has been developed and supported by medical specialists and business people who are active in the community and builds on an international evidence base of what works.

Enhance trust in your organisation, show your team and customers that you are committed to protecting them against COVID-19.

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Adopting The COVID-19 Safety Pledge

Displaying The COVID-19 Safety Pledge means demonstrating to customers and employees an ongoing commitment to their safety.

Adopting the Pledge means aiming to implement its core principles at your workplace or organisation and consulting employees via their recognised union(s), where one exists.

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