Covid 19: Government ditches all remaining restrictions, as case hospitalisations rise – Aug 23

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Ditched are a mandatory 7 day isolation period for people with Covid-19, and the requirement to wear face masks in health facilities.

It is important to note that hospital patients are among our most vulnerable and hospital acquired COVID-19 has been clearly linked to 10% mortality.

Unfortunately it appears that the number of hospital acquired COVID-19 infections and the number of these people who subsequently died is not being recorded according to Te Whatu Ora.

FOI request sent 2 May 2023: “Please provide the daily numbers of COVID-19 nosocomial infections, that is, COVID-19
infections acquired in Auckland and Dunedin hospital from 2020 to the current date.
Please also provide the mortality outcomes for these people infected with COVID-19 in

FOI request received 29 June 2023:
“Te Whatu Ora Auckland does not collect or hold the information you have requested. Therefore,
this part of your request is refused under section 18(e) of the Official Information Act, as the
information does not exist.”

With approximately 20% of COVID-19 infections and reinfections leading to Long-COVID it bears repeating that the best way to not get long COVID is to not get COVID. This is especially relevant for people in hospital for non-COVID treatment.


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