Stuffy and Unsafe Air is Bad For Business

Staff sickness and staff retention have become critical issues for businesses during the current global pandemic. Much of this is due to COVID-19 illness, it’s after effects and in particular Long-COVID.

The effects of staff sickness are widespread in many business sectors: pubs and cafes have been forced to close multiple times due to staff illness, mothers in labour have been turned away, councils are being forced to reduce services, and many businesses are dealing with ‘intense tradeoffs’ regarding sick-leave. 

We now know that people become infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 by sharing air with someone who already has covid. It’s a new concept to most of us – when we are inside in poorly ventilated spaces the air that we breathe in has recently been in someone else’s lungs. And if that person has COVID-19, or Influenza or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)  we will breathe those viruses in too.

Unsafe indoor air can be almost anywhere: trains, buses, taxis, ships, offices, factories, shops, gyms, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, schools, hospitals and churches

We want clean air for the same reasons we want clean water – no one wants to be drinking a soup of disease causing bugs straight from the tap so we filter and disinfect our drinking water. In the same way we need to filter and clean the air we breathe. 

Take action to retain staff. Improve the comfort and safety of your staff and customers by providing non-infective indoor air.

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