Hong Kong Restaurants Eliminate COVID-19 Clusters by Improving Ventilation – Jan 23

Clustering defined as between-table transmission.

Link to report.

“The requirement on air change or air purifiers gazetted on 17 March 2021 for compliance in the seating areas of dine-in catering premises from 18 March 2021 onwards.”

“In fact, there has been no restaurant clustering documented in April 2021 and during the post- implementation period (1 May to 28 September 2021). Of the 53 relevant catering
premises visited by 19 confirmed cases from 1 May 2021 to 31 August 2021, all were ACH-compliant as at the respective time of visit. Notwithstanding the high risk of
exposure in the mask-off environment and the visits made by the confirmed cases to the restaurants, the Requirement might have been instrumental in forestalling the
emergence of any outbreak at the restaurant setting since April 2021. The measure to control airborne spread within restaurants could be among the various factors that has
contributed to a reduction in risks on virus transmission within restaurants since April 2021.”

6 Airchanges per hour was enough to eliminate virus clusters in compliant Hong Kong Restaurants
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